A trip to the Stevens' cabin in Stehekin, walking to Rainbow Falls!


“At our monthly Chelan Valley Cancer Support Group lunch at the Lake Chelan Community Hospital, gals presented a banner that was used at a fundraiser for the Wenatchee Wellness Place at the November 8, 2014 Wenatchee Wild Hockey game.  The support group is open to women affected by cancer, being a survivor, relative, friend, or caregiver of a cancer patient.”
Anne Brooks, Facilitator

Note:  Picture taken on November 11, 2014 by Marilyn Strickwerda.



Restorative Yoga at Yogachelan sponsored by the Wenatchee Wellness Place. Owner of Yogachelan, Lynda Kennedy, donates her Studio space and time, every week on Mondays at 3:15 PM  to bring Restorative Yoga to the Chelan community. This class is for those going through and recovering from chronic and acute illness, injury, surgery, and their caregivers.


 I had breast cancer in 2003. It was found very early, removed by lumpectomy and radiation therapy for six weeks.

I am part of the "Women Surviving Cancer" group in Chelan. I am the owner of Yogachelan Yoga Studio and offer a variety of classes that are wonderful for those with chronic or acute illness. Through the Wellness Place of Wenatchee, I offer a free yoga class weekly at the studio in Chelan for those with and recovering from cancer and their caretakers. If you would like to attend this class please contact me at 206-818-2619 or

Yoga has helped me in my healing and full recovery. I am extremely active and love yoga, hiking, golfing, laughing and life!

Thank you,
Lynda Kennedy


Best New Business of the Year 2009

Meet Anne!

I had breast cancer in 2005 - mastectomies, chemo, radiation, reconstruction.


Formed the women surviving/thriving cancer support group for the Chelan area to enable gals to have others to share with, support, receive support through their cancer journey whether it is a personal journey or one they are supporting a friend, spouse, family member through.


 I love doing so many things post cancer treatments!!


At there is information on the "Women Surviving Cancer" support group which lists both ours and the Wellness Place group. There is also information about Yogachelan's restorative yoga available free


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